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What is Connect@You?

Wi-Fi for your business and much more

Connect@You is a modern service which provides public hotspots, allowing you to offer your customers a free, safe and straightforward way of connecting to Wi-Fi. The various login methods available (Facebook, Google, email, etc…) mean your clients can be online and protected by law in just a few clicks.

Connect@You is also a valuable marketing service. Thanks to the detailed information collected about the users who use your network and the analytics and sharing tools provided by our system, you can carry out targeted promotional campaigns and strategies, with immediately visible results.

  • Social media Login

    Log in with your social media account in just a few clicks

  • Something for everyone

    With so many ways to log in, no one is left out]

  • Invite users to share your business

    After successfully logging in, the user sees a call to action

Connect@You Login page preview on smartphone
  • Fully customisable design

    Change every aspect of the login page to your liking

  • Choose the redirect location

    Once logged in, choose where the user is directed to

  • ...and much more

    Customer Satisfaction, Profiling Form, Banner Ads, etc… Discover all our services]

  • Complete control

    Edit the name of your network, customise the logo, change the text and much more

  • Detailed statistics

    Keep a close eye on your network's data

  • Real-time connections

    Check and manage connections to your network in real time

Connect@You Admin Panel preview on notebook
  • 24/7 monitoring

    Constantly track the resources in use and any malfunctions

  • Export data

    It's easy to export the data of all the users who have connected to your network

  • Remote support

    Each network is configured so that it can be worked on remotely by our technicians

Here are the numbers

We want to blow you away with our figures

  • 4,487,129

  • 1,902,321

    Unique Users
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    Active Networks

What we offer

Take a look at some of our many features
  • Invite the user to share your Facebook page after the login

    Social WiFi

    Connect@You lets its users log in quickly and easily using their social media accounts.
    This way, there's no need to fill in any monotonous login forms - with a few clicks, you're ready to start browsing.

    At the end of the login process you can invite the user to share your Facebook page or website, or even just their browsing experience.

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    Marketing tools

    Whenever a user connects to our networks, we store their basic information, such as email address, gender, language and more. With this information, you can carry out targeted marketing operations which are a guaranteed hit, organised according to which users you want to speak to.

    All the information can easily be broken down thanks to the numerous filters available. Our analytics tools allow you to design winning, successful marketing campaigns.

  • Admin Panel Connect@You - Connections statistics

    No Limits

    Connect@You has selected the best tools on the market to provide its services, with absolutely no concern over large workloads. From small bars all the way to hotels with dozens of rooms and conference suites, we have the most fitting solution for your business.

    Our system has already resoundingly passed the test of having thousands of users connected at the same time, and has been installed on various city networks and at major events, with hundreds of thousands of people connecting.

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    Tailored to your needs

    Our system is fully customisable. You can edit the login and welcome pages to your liking, decide which website your clients are redirected to after logging in, modify the emails, choose which items to share on social media and much more.

    If our standard features do not meet your needs, and if you want something that fits your business like a glove, Connect@You is available to develop any kind of concept or integration for your Wi-Fi network.

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    If your business brings you into contact with a lot of foreign users, have no fear. Connect@You is available in 10 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Arabic.

    The system will automatically show each user the most suitable language for them.


    Secure for your business

    Whether your business is a bar, a restaurant, a hotel or any other type of facility, you will never have to worry about legal issues or regulations when supplying public Wi-Fi. Connect@You monitors and records each connection by every single user, protecting your business from any risks.

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